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It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves as an exclusive manufacturer and distributor of various “Bangla” brand tissue papers in Bangladesh. “Bangla” is a premium quality tissue paper because it has been made from virgin pulp which is imported from USA, Canada and some European countries. We are producing tissue papers under joint venture with Japan in the name of Nissho Koeki Tissue Paper Co. Ltd. We are the second largest manufacturer of tissue products in Bangladesh. As the number of health conscious people of Bangladesh is growing day by day everyone prefers to use tissue papers which are hygienic and soft. The feature and benefits of our product are 100% hygienic, soft & absorbent, more whiteness, various types of packing & food grade perfume.

Company Basic Information

2 Brand Name “BANGLA”
3 Certificate of Incorporation                                  C-38149(107)/99
4 Trade License No. 047/2011
5 TIN Number 173738648694/206 (Companies) E-TIN
6 VAT Number 21081001460, Area code- 210204
7 Factory Address Darikandi, Murapara, Rupganj, Narayanganj.
Telephone : 06725-56171,
M-01713-369467, 01713-369468
8 Corporate Address Plot # 24, Road # 3 (Main Road), Block – A,
Mirpur – 11, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.
Tel : 9020870, 9020871, Fax : 9020872,
9 Year of Establishment 15th July 1999.
10 Machineries Mother Machine : Japan & China, Converting Machine: Japan & China.
11 Production Capacity 18 MT/day.

Board of Directors

Name Nationality Position
► Mr. Samsul Alam Bhuiyan Bangladeshi Chairman
► Mr. Arif Md. Shah Alam Bhuiyan Bangladeshi Managing Director
► Mr. Md. Shahidul Islam Bangladeshi Director
► Mr. Md. Shahid Ahmed Bangladeshi Director
► Mr. Riad Mahmud Bangladeshi Director
► Mrs. Saleha Mahmmud Bangladeshi Director
► Mrs. Jahanara Begum Bangladeshi Director
► Mr. Salim Hossain Mullah Bangladeshi Director